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Our Accreditation SME Packages – Digital

Fit 4 Digital SME Packages Digital
Fit 4 Digital becomes SME Packages Digital and extends its offer with new programs to support the organizational innovation of SMEs

The company C Software, official service provider of Luxinnovation, is part of the SME Packages Digital funding aid program for the digital and energy transformation of SMEs.

SME Packages Digital is a program intended for all small and medium-sized Luxembourg companies wishing to implement digital and innovative solutions to improve their competitiveness in a sustainable and sustainable way.

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Our Values

C Software is a software development company that emerges from a solid Luxembourg group - C PARTNERS GROUP. It has evolved into what is the Digital Era, with the main purpose of following the evolution of companies and the market.

The C PARTNERS GROUP was born 14 years ago and positioned itself in the market as a business promoter, operating in different areas of which we would highlight the financial area, real estate, IT and Services.

C Software followed the same path of values of its mother-company and is currently a steady growing company.

Our Services

  • We develop customized software tailored to the needs of each company
  • The analysis of the business resources and needs leads us to create an optimized working basis for each client
  • Today and always our main job is to make companies more profitable and more practical throughout their production process
  • Our mission is to create robust and flexible software, developing solutions for multiplatform (mobile devices, web...)
  • Whatever your business area, company or brand, the digital is no longer the future - it is the present
  • The development of corporate software for various areas gives an up-to-the-minute view of the entire sales pipeline, products, HR management and so much more, on a clean, visual interface
  • You can work from anywhere in the world with no schedules, no access problems... and all information you need can be accessed with a simple tap of the mouse or in your own mobile devices
  • Corporate software is a tool for your business and will help you to create more value for your company

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